0cf Testnet Community Incentives

0confirmation has been fully bootstrapped by the team and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. We would like to think that we have a handle on everything that needs to be created, changed, and fixed with our protocol and initial swap app but there really is no substitute for getting a diverse set of people to test it out. We are now trying to bootstrap some help breaking our application and building out the community that we hope will become stakeholders and eventual owners of the protocol long term.

If you are unfamiliar with what the initial 0cf swap app is or is intended to do, please check out our testnet release announcement. If it wasn’t clear in the announcement, we at 0cf have an affinity for a particular genre defining first person shooter from the late 90s. Keeping with that theme we are issuing some NFTs that we will be sending to people that help us out with the testnet and early mainnet phases. They will stand as a marker of who helped us early on and may be referenced down the line as further community incentives are created.

Decentralized Protocols are a Multiplayer Game

We are starting with a couple but if you have another great idea about how to help the 0cf project just go for it and we may issue a new one!

Natalya — Be a great community member, help us test out the app, keep conversation going or help answer questions in the community chat, etc.

Valentin — Hype up 0cf! Create some content (demo video, article, memes, etc) and get it on social media. Boost the image and reach of 0cf.

Oddjob — Get away with an economic attack in testnet. We will tell you where the holes are, please exploit them and look for more.

Jaws — Break the product, find a critical bug and report it.

Boris — Look over our code and publish a public review/audit.

How do you start?????

These NFTs have NO intrinsic value and should not be expected to be of any value in the future. They are being awarded for free at the full discretion of the 0cf development team. They do not entitle the owner to any future claims on anything to do with 0cf. There will be an initial supply of 25 for each NFT, all of which are owned by 0cf. Some or all of them may never be released and we will mint as many as we deem necessary.



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